Blank Spaces.

Have you ever looked up in the sky, all plain and blue and wondered how overwhelmingly enormous the cosmos is? We, humans, are inherently wild, yet enormity somehow has a terrifying effect on our natural instincts. One can meet a million people throughout the day, yet upon recalling how many people one actually knows could be overwhelming. 

A blank white canvas, standing errect in an artist’s studio would be the crispest sight for many, yet the artist would feel a strange heaviness in his stomach within the time-frame of grabbing the paintbrush till the first stroke of the paintbrush brings color to the blank canvas that merely reflected uncertainty and dubeity. As soon as the paintbrush starts gliding over the canvas, it works wonders, maybe with the mystical music playing in the background. We all admit that a blank sheet must have given us adrenaline rush or maybe a panic attack right before we finally start writing on it, even if it is just the margin lines that we are drawing and well ofcourse, we know that our knowledge is not only restricted to drawing straight margins. Similarly, a blank page would give a temporary writer’s block to the writer until he presses the first letter to type a random word to start with. 

“Blank spaces overwhelm us because internally, we all fear that our indecisiveness could lead us to making the wrong decisions in life.”

This state of indecisiveness just before you finally take a leap of faith, is melancholic, and absolutely natural. However, some of us let this feeling dominate our minds and eventually withdraw. When I finally sat down tonight to write something after ages, I also got this feeling of indecisiveness which made me type-backspace-type many titles and paragraphs, till I was finally able to compose something sensible. I have been practising this for a whole month now, but everytime I open up the blank page on my screen, the duebity makes me close the blog tab, open up Netflix and resume my favorite show.

The point is, we all face this in many aspects of life, however, it is important to know that life is all about chances. Life doesn’t come with a guidebook, even the same experiences can bear different outcomes twice. In order to survive, strive, and most importantly succeed, we need to take the chances that life throws at us. A painter might fear that the painting could turn out to be a complete mess and the people might not like it, yet he takes the chance with the first stroke. Similarly, a writer might wonder that he needs to get some sober ideas before composing the final product, however, he takes the chance and starts penning down the spontaneous overflow of raw emotions.

Most of us fear to take the chances because we fear the change, however, its important to know that change is important, in fact, essential. Most of us for instance, are keeping up with the lovers that we know we have no future with, yet we don’t want anything to go wrong and which is why we hope that everything remains stagnant, thus buying us a little more time. However, it’s very obvious that if a person cannot grow with you, evolve with you and love you in the times of deviating circumstances, it doesn’t mean that he/she is a bad person in general, but the fact that needs to be considered is that person is just not the right option and you need to find someone who is compatible and comfortable with your evolution.

“We all have our own criteria and intensity of evolution which needs to match the people we surround ourselves with.”

Losing people also leaves a blank space in our lives and thus we feel this feeling of loneliness and yearning to fill that space and until and unless someone, that I would rather call a natural alternative dont fill that blank space, you will keep searching for an alternative be it another person, a new hobby, therapeutic shenanigans or maybe drugs as seen in many cases. However, we somehow try to fill that blank space that people tend to leave behind them after they walk out of your life, but then again, coming and going of people is normal and life only comes at a stable pace, once you find the right person who can cope up with your evolution, with an emphasis on ‘stable pace’ because even then, life never stops, it never stagnates. We need to learn to blend in and swim with the flow, because flexibility is the key to a healthy life.

“Trying to confine people’s behaviors according to your desires and dictating them how to feel just because you think that is right is baseless and extremely toxic.”

Evolution is essential and no matter how we resist, we all evolve with the passage of time. I, for instance, is not the person I was yesterday, or even an hour ago. We all change with every passing second, our emotions, psychological perceptions, beliefs, experiences, mental capacity, nature, and thoughts keep revamping and that is how the human mechanism works, which is totally normal and resisting against which leads us to baseless insecurities, illogical doubts, immoral revenge, and useless anxiety. The more you normalize your life, the better it is for you, because the world is already full of drama so why not treat our mind with peace and self-sincerity?

When mistakes become Guilt.

Children love to post letters, exaggerating, and bragging about all the good things they’ve done the whole year, to Santa so that they could get presents on Christmas Eve. I can’t be happier to know that real Santa doesn’t exist, otherwise, he himself would have come to visit and grant me an award of pity as in how much mistakes I commit, maybe every other moment? Mistakes are a proof that you are trying, yet we naturally stop trying and experimenting with life when mistakes start turning into a bubbly cauldron of guilt; a soup of tangled thoughts, messed up experiences, nihilism, sense of uselessness, self-hate, aggression and unlimited negativity. This is when we start becoming self-conscious and stop making the best out of our lives. Our life shifts from spontaneity to deliberacy where we calculate the consequences before making every move, depriving ourselves of life’s natural tendency to amaze us with surprises. Funniest part? No matter how delicately we try to deal with this life, we can never prevent ourselves from falling into the deepest pits of never-ending mistakes, in this life at least, there is no safe haven, no refuge, but a never-ending war of total uncertainty. 

This feeling is like being stuck in a limbo; unable to get out and be free until a stranger summons you back. You are completely lost and shattered, tired, and drained; both physically and mentally. You are on the verge of a breakdown and eventually, there comes a time when you don’t mind staring silently at a wall while surrounded by a flock of people to talk to. Guilt is like a termite, we can’t know its there until it has completely eaten us from the inside. Guilt is a feeling, that is not inborn, rather induced into us by our society, particularly the people around us. A lot of incidents tend to change our lives once and for all, proving to be the turning point on the bumpy road of our never-ending journey of life. These turning points shape up our minds, our thoughts.

Sometimes, its the decisions that we make for ourselves, while most of the times, our fate designs the path that we have to lead, just like in every video game, where you are given a map of their choice, and certainly not yours. Whining like a babe, or slaying like a night in the shiny armor, we all have to keep moving on the path that we are destined to embark on. Guilt however, is the heaviest resistance that not just stops us from moving forward, but also blinds us towards the future prospects, completely. We all are the monsters here, aren’t we?  We all do terrible things, things that are the product of our secret desires, our dark sides, and our extreme vulnerability. Guilt, however strong can be defeated if one truly understands the mechanism of life. One who might be the guardian angel for one could be the brutal villain for another. Whatever we do, we reckon it as the most righteous decision to make in that instance. We are humans, lead by the spontaneous instincts, driven by madness, and instilled in our blood is the heat that fuels from err and sins. 

Guilt is as useless as throwing the coins in the wishing well and hoping that by doing so all your wishes would come true. If that must be the case, I wouldn’t be sitting here, writing this, rather printing my new sequel in my own publishing house. We are free to decide for ourselves, to acquire or get rid of things and people who we can no longer tend to, dedicate ourselves to, we are free to decide for ourselves if we can or cannot fulfill a duty anymore or not, yet facing the reality with courage and refusing with grace is better than back-stabbing and deceiving the pure hearts. We are strong enough to comprehend that what is gone, cannot be repaired, however what is yet to come is what we should earnestly beseech. Being the humans, we are vulnerable and bound to make mistakes as long as we are breathing. Mistakes have a history as ancient as the history of human-kind itself. To balance that out, however, trying to be a better version of yourself with every passing moment shall be the only purpose of our existence, and guilt on the other hand, shall be taken off our numb shoulders now and dumped down into the wishing well, Tip: Don’t forget to hear the water splash, just to be sure that all your guilt is gone down for the good.

Be happy, live to your fullest and wish well for others, always. Carpediem! As life is too short for keeping the ugly grudges and plotting against others. Breathe, and let it go like it never existed in the first place. Mend yourself, and let others heal, as well.

Stand Out, Don’t Blend In.

Ever felt like a baby? We all do at some point in our lives no matter how weak or strong, social or rigid we are, we all want to be babied at some point. This point is the moment when you realize that there is someone out there, waiting for you, worried about you, and the one who actually cares. Such moments are a reflection of a divine providence straight out of the classic novels of English Literature.

It is obnoxious to sit back and keep waiting for the deities to start their sport in your favor, however, you need to find the right people, who match your vibes. The people who are ready to grow and help you out in exploring yourself without being judgmental. Judgment is a cheap commodity, an absolute denial of blooming potentials, and capabilities of an individual. If I could go back to the times when we used to write the essays on “If I were a fairy…” I would have named myself as Dike and my fairy dust must have been made up of the mutual consistency of justice and righteousness.

The right people will find you at the right time, at the right place. How could one know if the person is the right person? Ever believed in the “Third Eye;” the eye of intuition and prophecy? The right person will be this much predictable because it is the law of nature that we attract the same energy that we are, genuinely. You will know there and then that this is it, he is the one. Most of us tend to spend our lives trying to live up to the expectations of conventional behaviors. While doing this, we deviate from our natural trajectory, thus encountering the wrong people who then have the same vibes as us, trying to be someone else, and thus, when we finally get tired of putting up a show, we lose those hard-earned friends and social circle as well.

Ever wondered why the rainbow has seven vibrant colors and not just one, some new, conventional color that might appeal to all of us, alike? This is because diversity (NOT DIFFERENCE) is always beautiful. Similarly, we all are unique and this diversity makes us the supreme creation. We all could’ve been made the same just like the zebras which blend in, alike in their dazzle. Why are we different then? That is because they have the common motives of eat, sleep, and be merry unlike us, we were created to make a difference in this world, with our energies, our potentials, our heavenly mind, and not just the color of our skin.

Just like the colors of the rainbow, we all have our very own, unique aura. Always follow your spark and only that is when the right energy will catch up with you. Try to be your best version and get the acknowledgment of being unique, convince this rigid society, and not get convinced. Stand out, don’t merge in, you are destined to shine the brightest in your own glitter. Leave a trail of your striking color wherever you go and let the world know that you have been there.

Follow your vibes and let others follow theirs. Being a hindrance in somebody’s life is taking you nowhere. Be ambitious, make your life purposeful. Be the reason someone smiles today, be the reason someone doesn’t have to sleep on an empty stomach tonight, be the reason somebody feels less lonely this moment. Stand out.

True Love: Two Souls Growing Together.

Throughout the life, we tend to misconceive different situations and continue to confuse some things with the others. Love, for instance, is confused with a notion of being trapped inside a relationship. Ironically, it is the total opposite of what we think about this enigmatic experience. Love is the second name of liberation, a freedom in which two people celebrate the true essence of bewilderment, altogether. Love is a phenomenon where two people grow together, hand in hand. It is not about confining the auras and spark of your beloved, rather it takes courage to stand by his side when he needs you the most. Its about telling him that you believe in him and that no matter what journey he embarks on, you are going to be there for him.

“Love is when you bleed the glitter of happiness.”

When two people form a bonding between them, it is very important that they are able to adapt and synchronize their heart and mind at the same frequencies. This universe is a composition of divine and worldly, love is divine, bodies earthly. Bodies are never meant to love, they can never be, but souls, that are actually worth falling for. Love is a hysteria that lies beyond every dimension, an exposition of enigmas and mysteries. One must loose himself in the embrace of his beloved if he actually wants to discover what the actual reality is.

Love is about forgetting about oneself and remembering your beloved, its just like a starry night where you stand and stare at the shimmering stars. In that moment, you find out what true love is. It cannot be found here on an inferior place like earth, yet it is adorned with grandeur, beyond the dimension where the heavens stand tall.

Love is metaphysical, it has always been this way; free of worldly intimidation.

It is an incarnation of happiness that two hearts dwell in with every passing moment, without any limits or conditions; an unconditional emotion of selflessness. It is an experience that can never be composed into the words, something that makes you wander in search of the ecstatic auroras. It can never be defined or put into the words as true love can never be contained. It is wild, young, ravishing and free from every bound and constraints. It is when two souls are ready to learn, grow, and prosper together.

Love makes you the happiest, it must overwhelm you sometimes. It should penetrate inside your blood, drenching every vein in your body with like any magical potion, ravishing your body inside out, while being the panacea itself to bring you back to life. It gives you the power to transcend the places that even angels fears to tread. Two souls conspiring together to chase the golden hues of the horizon, to catch the first autumn leaf falling down into this world, to trace the trajectory of falling stars, to find where the rainbow resides, to cherish the first snowfall of the year, while feeling the warmth of the fire that smolders their hearts into one beating enigma. As their eyes meet and look at each other, that enigma explodes into a million butterflies, leaving a trail behind, wherever they go.

“Love is a naked abstraction where flesh lies nowhere. You always fall for the vibe, for the aura; for the soul, either aware or unaware because flesh is bound to rot but soul is what transcends beyond our comprehension.”

To set love free, to let it wander in the depth of cosmos is when two souls tend to find each other, the souls who are impregnated with the energies much violent than that of a supernova. That is when you know that you have found your missing piece. Love is not about two souls conciliating together, rather it is the infusion of two souls into a divine singularity.

Vincent van Gogh: Almond Blossoms.

“I’m always inclined to believe that the best way of knowing [the divine] is to love a great deal. Love that friend, that person, that thing, whatever you like, you’ll be on the right path to knowing more thoroughly, afterwards; that’s what I say to myself. But you must love with a high, serious intimate sympathy, with a will, with intelligence, and you must always seek to know more thoroughly, better, and more.”

― Vincent Van Gogh

The silence there was, and Silence is all there is.

Every night, under the faint constellations of the twilight, there sit many nyctophiles in search of solace by summoning their ancient state of silence. To them, silence isn’t just a feeling, but an emotion. An emotion embedded in every layer of their body, their soul, as if their skin is pierced by a sharp dagger, it would bleed black, dark, melancholic blood. Let me take you back to the times when hourglasses were shedding their grains and clocks were ticking loud enough but you couldn’t see or hear them. Floating into your mother’s womb; your eyes closed and arms wrapped around your own tiny chest, you were away from this worldly chaos. You stayed in that silent, dark womb for nine months or maybe less if your mother’s water broke before the date of your arrival in this world. Ravishing on the tranquility, away from all the clamoring, layer by layer your body was built, in silence, away from the sight of any kind; in sheer secrecy.

Every time when the waning crescent takes its last breath and the new moon is born, at that night, the universe reconciles the inner peace with the outer silence. When the twinkle of moonlight is nowhere to be heard and the glimmer of the constellations is mild, silence blows its horn, summoning all at peace. The Renaissance of human nature takes place with the labor of Luna. The emanating moon ravishes on the silence inside our chests and with a sharp gleam, a flashback of our tiny arms wrapped around our body, eyelids glued together by skin, ears tucked inwards and floating in the complete vacuum; body curled into a bean hits the back of our minds. Shuddering our heads, we stand in awe, heads up towards the sky, eyes closed as were initially. It feels like that same, dark vacuum; the starry world at night where we stand alone in the solace of silence. The silence there was, and Silence is all there is.

I could literally hear the sound of my dreams shattering, life colliding and circumstances and experiences pounding against the walls, but silence lasts like forever because it emerges from the inside, from under the layers of our skin, pores of our body and shreds of our flesh.

Silence is an emotion that can never die, it is always there right inside us. In the silence, we find solace because it is when we can be our best versions and ponder on the spontaneity of our emotions and thoughts. Silence is mostly associated with night and commonly synonymized with peace, and thenceforth, I believe both share a deep connection. 

Without an earthly interruption, away from all the worldly jangles, we standstill as the universe grants us the voice of silence. Some of us, who dwell in nights, either by staring at the Milkyway, strolling under the dark sky, or dancing to the rhythm of the night, might know about this strange feeling of sweet ecstasy. It may sound like an illusion or a made-up fiction story to most of the party animals out there, but loners and midnight dwellers can all feel it inside them. This feeling is when something clutches our stomach softly, and all of a sudden the world freezes and all we could hear is the sound of breeze hushing on the highways miles away from where you stand. It is like a dancing hurricane emerging somewhere far behind.

Tranquility nests in our heart and it beats louder than usual, synchronizing its every beat with the rhythm of the fading twilight. We become so full of our ecstatic feelings, raw emotions and purity of self that an orgasm of ecstasy ascends us to the highest point of pleasure. The universe sheds a tear of joy, constellation contracts and expands wildly when Luna takes birth and shines the brightest terminating our ecstatic hearing of silence. 

Have you ever felt completely detached from every relationship in your life?

Have you ever felt completely detached from every relationship that ever existed in your life? Well, this is when you should realize that your life has been totally messed up. You start questioning your mere existence and start feeling insecure about yourself in every possible way. This is the point where your self-destruction starts. You cry from the inside and no matter how tempting it feels to cry, your tear buds cease to release the tiny drops of murdered emotions and brutal genocide of your expectations from every single person in your life. This is when you realize how big of a blessing “crying” is. You do cry but only when you know that there would be a shoulder who would come forward to provide you the comfort that you deserve. Yet at this point, when you are totally lost and when the home doesn’t feel like home anymore, but a cage where you wait desperately for the death to consume the pitiful remains, and the rotten flesh of yours. 

This is the time when you start looking for the appropriate time and place to kill yourself, you get suicidal and start to hate yourself more than anything else in this world, however, being a coward that you are, you fail in this exam of suicide as well. Now all you could do is to pray that you don’t wake up the following morning.

“It’s like you are at home, all alone, and you have mistakenly slit open your throat, and now being unable to do anything, you are just watching your throat bleed, and with the rising pool of blood on the floor, your heart is sinking. Your hands and body are completely drenched in your blood, your body is shaking with horror, yet you are unable to move and make any sound. You want to cry for help but being aware of your loneliness, you give up on every hope and just sit, and watch yourself bleed to death, helplessly.”

Your heart is full of so much disappointment, that all you could do anymore is ‘self-blame.’ You want to disappear suddenly, leaving behind each and everything that you possess. You want to sit in silence, in a dark room, where not even a single shadow exists. It is the point when you realize why you saw the cutting scars on several wrists and arms and thought that you would never do such a thing to your beautiful arms. It is the point when in your mind, you completely detach yourself from everyone around you and don’t care if somebody abandons you or tries to shower you with their fake sympathies. It is like the end of your happiness, the end of the good times when you used to smile.

“It’s like you’re screaming, and no one can hear.”

How fascinating it is that all the relationships that once radiated warmth and unconditional love, now reek of rotten grudges, selfishness, and dirty gossips. The bonds which people swore upon their lives to be unbreakable are now merely a source of mockery. I can’t comprehend how mothers have turned into the biased creatures who could go to any extent just to prove you wrong. Sisters, who used to protect each other upon their lives, have turned against each other, started to exploit each other’s reputations just because they feel like doing so. Family, that is there to “help” each other out in the times of “need” are just interested in pointing fingers while you are still struggling with the pain of regret, and guilt, and are dying to be heard out. 

The worst situation that a living being can be put into is accusing him without knowing the back story, to doubt him without asking for the justification, to criticize him without hearing his side of the story, his explanation. If somebody has an issue, we help them out because sometimes we are the last hope that the person is holding on to. We are the last link that has been keeping him alive, and awake for so long. I marvel at how judgmental people have become in this world that they are totally blinded towards the amount of pain the other person is. Temper issues, extreme reactions, and irritant nature are the surplus of image tarnishing, constant criticism, false accusations, refusal to help, and character assassination. It’s not that the character assassination is done by strangers, but it starts at home. When a mother shouts at one child in front of his siblings, when she discusses the problems of her child with other people, when she criticizes her child in front of others, thus humiliating the child to an extent where it becomes normal for him to humiliate and be humiliated, when she asks other siblings to spy on him instead of asking him what the matter is, when she discusses one child with his siblings and never, for once tries to come to that child himself, treating him with the respect and dignity that he deserves as a human.

No matter how irresponsible, careless, and cold-hearted a child can become, he always looks upon his family, mother, in particular, to treat him with affection. A mother, if she doesn’t express how she feels towards her child, might gradually detach him from herself. It is true that a mother suffers a lot while giving birth and raising a child to his adulthood, yet that is no excuse to treat your child like complete garbage. It is no excuse to make your child totally retarded and insecure. It is not right to make him feel left out and all alone, it is totally unfair to make him want to die rather than see the face of his family. Isn’t the cold and brutal world out there enough to make your child feel like the most horrible person alive? Isn’t the world out there enough to humiliate him and criticize him for every little mistake he has ever made? Isn’t the world out there enough to kill your child? 

Its funny how a lot of children die of suicide or nervous breakdown due to parental pressure and toxic judgment without any compensation from the family. After their child is gone, parents wish they had known it earlier, they wish to be aware of the pain and distress their child was combating, the war he was fighting within himself. Life isnt easy already and most of us struggle a lot either because we have made wrong choices in the past or because we are totally confused as in how to deal with life and its challenges. Such people are already the weaklings who need support of other people, especially their family, and if they fail to find that care, attention and acceptance in the family, they look outside for filling this void.  A “compensation” is something that we all need for our losses and deprivation. Mostly, parents criticize their children for their attachment with the strangers while detaching themselves from their family. However, such parents should actually think that what made their child feel so left out that he needed a stranger’s shoulder to cry on? What made their child feel so lonely that he was not comfortable in coming and speaking his heart out in front of you? What made your child feel so sad that despite a huge, apparently happy family, your child needed to talk to a stranger to vent out whatever was killing him from the inside? You have no right to point fingers at others if you were not there when they needed you the most.

It is really easy to criticize a human for the mistakes he has committed their irreversable consequences, yet one should always ask a question, “what were you doing while I was struggling?”

Ernest Hemingway: A Moveable Feast

“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person died for no reason.”

― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Charles Bukowski: Factotum.

“If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery― isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you’ll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is.”

― Charles Bukowski, Factotum