Life: A beautiful semblance of experience and memories.

Life surprises you, doesn’t it? A moment ago you were thinking about something and now you want something legit pole opposite. A beautiful semblance of experiences and memories, life is all about changing preferences and evolving priorities and this is totally fine.

A month ago, the only mission of this girl was to avail a foreign scholarship and fly past the globe to wander in the wet evening streets of Edinburgh and write poems about how ethereal that place is. However, here I am, sitting beside my whining husband who is struggling to sleep right now because of his headache. As I look at him at the moment, I hardly believe that he ever existed anywhere in my WHOLE universe before. This feeling is where I realised that giving up on certain things doesn’t mean that you’re off track or that you lost your chance, however, changes are always beautiful if cherished in the right way.

There are a million moments when I reflect back on how my life has changed after marriage and the only answer that rings the bells is evolution of priorities. A lot of people and things that meant so much to me once have stepped down a bit and my new home and it’s inhabitants have become my prime focus. It doesn’t mean that my sisters, family and friends mean any less to me, however we can put it this way that the first thing on my mind as I wake up is to get my husband to go to office, make him a fancy shmacy breakfast- which unfortunately I can’t because he is on diet-and call my mom later after.

As anxious and depressed as people get after losing something for another thing, I find it equally ecstatic because why not? The mighty mechanism of time removed something or someone from your life to replace it with the better and we all do, at some point realise that whatever changes came into our lives earlier were the master plan and if it wasn’t for that one change, you wouldn’t have been here. There is no use being afraid of the changes that life throws at you, rather embrace them learn, evolve and grow because life demands an evolution with every passion moment, doesn’t it? A moment ago you were thinking about making something different to eat but right now, you’re a complete sleepy head who wants to sleep and nothing else.

Writers block was one other thing that I was facing throughout this time and it kind of sucked. I did panic in the start since writing was a major habit and not being able to do something that actually inspires you to live a healthy and positive life could be really bothersome. To be honest, I completely let it be and just waited for the right moment to guide my inner voice and here I am. Life eventually comes back to its zero point which is commonly known as our normal routine but it takes time. Meanwhile what we can do is to give some space to yourself and let things simmer slowly and gradually.

Things can go completely offbeat and that’s okay because life isn’t about settling, rather it is a continuous transition. Those who learn to dance with the rhythm of this transition will fade into the realm of prosperity, however those who resist and don’t change themselves according to the new requirements are left behind into the darkest pits of loneliness and destitute.

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