It’s okay not to be okay.

“If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other more gently, with more love, tolerance and care.”

— Marvin. J. Ashton

Our life is a bitter sweet semblance of different phases. At one time we are extremely energetic and creativity diffuses in our veins like an ink drop in the sparkling water. However, it is very important to learn that not every phase last for a very long time just like a day passes by with such a tender subtleness that by the time we actually notice, the sun is already set. There are days in our lives where we don’t feel like doing anything at all. The days when you want to quit all the flamboyance and just sit on the roof-top, gazing stars in silence. On the other hand there are also these very strange days where you don’t even want to leave your bed and just lie down in awkward position, curled up with half blanket on your body and the rest hanging down your bed. Your studies are affected, eating routine is messed up and all you could feel is anxiety.

If you are experiencing any of the above phase, just know that it’s perfectly okay not to be okay sometimes, because, being okay or not is one thing that we can’t control. The only thing that we can, is believing that better days are coming. If you go through the history and read about all the great writers like Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens, which we actually look up to as our inspiration, you would come to know that they all faced this phase in their lives which severely affected their writing, drinking and smoking habits, their financial stability, marriage, mental health and social reputation, but what happened? They rose again, and every time they did, they emerged stronger than ever.

It is better to follow your bodily patterns and tune them gently according to what needs to be done. Rebelling against your bodily energy could lead you to an overwhelming mental state. Be kind to your body and store your energy for the productive days. Nowadays, it is something that a very few people understand, however, before anyone else, it should be you, yourself to understand that it is perfectly fine and that tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow or the day after that would be a good day and the sun will shine the brightest for you. Just hang in there, everything is going to be alright and remember that you are the only authority who could make a difference in your life.

“Just as stars shine brightest in the darkest night, your joy blazes brilliantly through life’s problems when you count them as joy.”

―Elizabeth George

12 thoughts on “It’s okay not to be okay.

    1. Yes, very well said! I totally agree that now is the time that we normalize asking for help. This needs to be done before so much is lost.
      Thankyou so much for adding this valuable feedback to my humble post. This means a lot ❤

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  1. Hey Princess! I hope you are doing great. The blog post is as usual amazing, informative as well as inspirational.
    I agreed with this statement that Its okay not to be ok as nobody is perfect and it is always better to have some imperfection for continuous learning.
    I have written something on similar topic but the context is different however the crux of everything end up on positivity and hope wherein we should not forget that positivity & hope works inline with efforts. If we have made the efforts under the roof of dark nights there is always a bright morning with light of success.
    Keep writing! Lots of love & lights to your way!😇🤗💐

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    1. This is a golden addition to whatever I said in this post. No matter how hard it would get, one should work hard for the better days. However, my point is that somedays you just dont feel like trying hard aswell, it’s just that you want to shut down everything and need sometime alone, away from all the hustle. That happens with all of us and I am going through such a phase myself nowadays. It is really hard to battle with this, however, I am still trying and giving my mental and physical health some space for a quicker and better recovery you know… A very severe cold probably is the reason behind this phase in my case 😀
      Thankyou so much for all the love and appreciation, Prashantt. This means a lot to me. Much love and light your way 🙂


      1. I doesn’t sound great, I know you will recover soon from all the ongoing battles and health issues. Wish you a speedy recovery Princess.
        Cold shold choti si cheez hai but I am sure you are a strong person and keep going on towards your goal.
        Wish you all success and positivity.
        Stay healthy & keep writing!✌🙌💐😇


    1. God, I can totally understand your feelings at the moment and couldn’t relate more to the fact that we are all a victim of aggressive behaviors, minor to major depression and anxiety nowadays. Unfortunately, this aspect is totally being neglected by our authorities and we are 100% focused on keeping up with the same pace as it was in pre-corona period.
      Thankyou so much for sharing your valuable thoughts and I hope that you’d be able to combat each and every mental and physical hurdle no matter how hard it would be. YOU GOT THIS! 🙂


      1. This world needs more people like you! Please keep up the good work as there are a very few people who are living not just for themselves, but majorly for the cause of other peoples’ happiness. You are a guardian angel. God bless you! 🙂


      2. Thank you for that compliment, but it is the team of brave and caring souls I work with that make the true difference. It truly takes a village especially with these children and we have so short a time with them to make a difference before they go out nto the world. Their choices are limited too so we have little time to help them develop the skills they need to function. Many will end up in a facility or with family, or both. They are treasures of special light.,

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  2. Hi my dear sister Zara,

    Nice to meet you again,.
    Thank you very much for this note. While read this, my mind go arround to my past. And there I found my self who ever sleep well under the blanket, when I not in good mood. And now, that time were gone, then we are meet here.
    Ah, you are so kind in my mind, Zara.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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