Gothic Fiction: A Direct Imitation of Reality?

Gothic fiction is a whole mood. I mean I just finished reading Edgar Allan Poe which included one of his enchanting poem, The Raven and bewitching short story, Tell-tale Heart. I wont lie but they left me awe-struck and I definitely recommend you all to give them a read, especially now that the October is here and the nights are getting colder. They would serve as an enthralling bed-time reads that would ascend you into another dimension of underworld.

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”
― Edgar Allen Poe

Gothic fiction I believe is a genre that emerges from the real life experiences of the normal human-beings. However, they are an exciting interpretation of those daily-life issues like mental and psychological ailments, anxiety, depression, loneliness and what not. Gothic fiction serves as a glitter that brings shimmer to our ordinary painting thus stealing everybody’s attention. Its fascinating how this genre is gloomily filled with dungeons of fears just like us. We all carry several secrets inside the chambers of our hearts.  All of us have been the slaves of our darkest desires and how those desires pushed us to commit the sins that we never would’ve done in our senses. Just like the theme of paranoia in this genre, we all experience such moments when we are rendered clueless, having no idea what to do and where to go anymore.

“If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

The ghastly appearances in the scary stories that tend to give us goosebumps might be the reflection of the memories from our past that tend to haunt us for the rest of our lives. Our past and the bad people that we encountered in it, the guilt of meeting them and not being able to forget even the single one of them. Even when we try to keep some memories out of our mind, why is it that those things are the first ones to pop-up in our mind every morning as we wake up and settle on our chests like a heavy burden by the night? How despite knowing that we wont be able to get certain things in our lives, we run after them like eccentric cicadas. What is the cause of all this madness? Why is it that even when we are well-aware of the consequences and reality, we tend to deny the truth and embrace the lies that give us a temporary solace? 

Gothic fiction is not just fiction, rather I believe this genre is the closest to reality. It is the direct imitation of each and every action that we perpetrate with every passing moment.

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

What we feel inside that the others cant see, feel or hear, the screams that echo in the empty chambers of our hearts, the adrenaline rush inside our veins, the pain in our chest and rise of fluids in our stomach which make us want to puke in broad daylight. The tears that we ingest in silence so that they might not twinkle in our eyes. Our wildest dreams that could never be fulfilled, our passions that are brutally slayed by the society. Despite being surrounded by a million people, not being able to find even a single soul that you could actually call yours, the fear of encountering right people at the wrong time and losing them when the time is finally right, a fog of fear looms around every hallway, every alley of the castle of our dreams, the residence of our existence. It is everything about our existence that actually haunt us, chase us and torment us till our heart stops beating and our breath becomes air.

Just like Gothic fiction is famous for a constant sense of increasing fear both within the readers and the narrators, our lives are full of fears as well. We all fear not just one, but an umpteen aspects of life, just like uncertainty that prevails in the respective genre, our life is a roller coaster ride where one never knows if he would be able to see the other end or not. I like how we humans are this much vulnerable, however its painful to see how we all are too scared to be lonely. It’s bitter sweet but life gives us everything with a ticking timer. Everything that we get, we have to lose it eventually. That is life and that is what it is. Forget “Damsels in Distress”, we all are the “Humans in Distress” here, waiting for the “Hope in shiny armor” to save us from our circumstantial as well as the self-inflicted miseries.

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”
― Edgar Allen Poe

The balm of tranquility that we tend to find within the faces and bodies of the strangers is right inside our own hands. Place your hand upon your chest and chant louder, “Darling! You’ve got me.” That is what we need, our very own selves to save us. Stop finding temporary shelters, instead build yourself a Doric Castle which could provide shelter to the homeless souls. Don’t rely on others, instead be the one who could embrace the weaklings. Stand tall! You got this!

5 thoughts on “Gothic Fiction: A Direct Imitation of Reality?

  1. This is the first time I’m reading about Gothic Fiction and I think I can relate. Partly because the last book I’ve read is Crime and Punishment of Dostoyevsky. Seems like it’s time to get into this new genre.
    It’s funny how I stumble across interesting blogs at random!

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    1. Awwwwn 🙂 These words of appreciation means a lot to me and yes, Gothic Fiction is the dirtier, more exciting representation of the reality. Most of the people reckon this genre as supernatural and fictitious, however don’t we all possess some magic inside us? 🙂 Gothic Fiction intrigues me so much and I believe it beholds explanation of many psychological ailments that we are normally unable to comprehend. I hope your experience goes as well as mine. Do let me know about your journey 🤩 Happy fall 🍁

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