True Love: Two Souls Growing Together.

Throughout the life, we tend to misconceive different situations and continue to confuse some things with the others. Love, for instance, is confused with a notion of being trapped inside a relationship. Ironically, it is the total opposite of what we think about this enigmatic experience. Love is the second name of liberation, a freedom in which two people celebrate the true essence of bewilderment, altogether. Love is a phenomenon where two people grow together, hand in hand. It is not about confining the auras and spark of your beloved, rather it takes courage to stand by his side when he needs you the most. Its about telling him that you believe in him and that no matter what journey he embarks on, you are going to be there for him.

“Love is when you bleed the glitter of happiness.”

When two people form a bonding between them, it is very important that they are able to adapt and synchronize their heart and mind at the same frequencies. This universe is a composition of divine and worldly, love is divine, bodies earthly. Bodies are never meant to love, they can never be, but souls, that are actually worth falling for. Love is a hysteria that lies beyond every dimension, an exposition of enigmas and mysteries. One must loose himself in the embrace of his beloved if he actually wants to discover what the actual reality is.

Love is about forgetting about oneself and remembering your beloved, its just like a starry night where you stand and stare at the shimmering stars. In that moment, you find out what true love is. It cannot be found here on an inferior place like earth, yet it is adorned with grandeur, beyond the dimension where the heavens stand tall.

Love is metaphysical, it has always been this way; free of worldly intimidation.

It is an incarnation of happiness that two hearts dwell in with every passing moment, without any limits or conditions; an unconditional emotion of selflessness. It is an experience that can never be composed into the words, something that makes you wander in search of the ecstatic auroras. It can never be defined or put into the words as true love can never be contained. It is wild, young, ravishing and free from every bound and constraints. It is when two souls are ready to learn, grow, and prosper together.

Love makes you the happiest, it must overwhelm you sometimes. It should penetrate inside your blood, drenching every vein in your body with like any magical potion, ravishing your body inside out, while being the panacea itself to bring you back to life. It gives you the power to transcend the places that even angels fears to tread. Two souls conspiring together to chase the golden hues of the horizon, to catch the first autumn leaf falling down into this world, to trace the trajectory of falling stars, to find where the rainbow resides, to cherish the first snowfall of the year, while feeling the warmth of the fire that smolders their hearts into one beating enigma. As their eyes meet and look at each other, that enigma explodes into a million butterflies, leaving a trail behind, wherever they go.

“Love is a naked abstraction where flesh lies nowhere. You always fall for the vibe, for the aura; for the soul, either aware or unaware because flesh is bound to rot but soul is what transcends beyond our comprehension.”

To set love free, to let it wander in the depth of cosmos is when two souls tend to find each other, the souls who are impregnated with the energies much violent than that of a supernova. That is when you know that you have found your missing piece. Love is not about two souls conciliating together, rather it is the infusion of two souls into a divine singularity.

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