Ever Regret Waiting for Someone?

Ever regret waiting for someone? This is not a regular cheery morning post, where you open up your eyes and find your lover snuggled in a comfy blanket with you, yet an ode to melancholy for the lovers who are still unable to figure out whatever is happening in their love life. We all tend to go through such a phase, not just one time, but multiple times with multiple people where we learn and unlearn many experiences that we had in our past. Past is the ugliest word etymology has ever invented and trust me if I had a superpower, I would have eliminated this word, along with its denotation. Being the humans, we all tend to do some life-experiments because, well, life doesn’t come with a handbook where we can find a solution to every malfunction that takes place. We are like the un-tamed animals who are exposed to the live wires. Some of us manage to survive the shock considering the type of wire we have touched, while the rest cries to death. Some experiments become our success while others either cause a major setback or the minor wreckage, depending upon the intensity of damage they cause to our heart.

It is 11:21 am in the morning when you suddenly wake up due to a strange noise. Upon checking your phone you see that your beloved is still on call, sleeping. You call his name several times yet he doesn’t respond. You disconnect the call and call back again to wake him up because you miss him like hell, yet all in vain as the call fails to connect. You try not to sleep back despite the fact that your eyes were sticking together with the bond of sleep, and decide to wait for your beloved to wake up. Getting up from the bed, you go wash your face with several splashes of water and the frothy lather of the facewash to rinse away all the early-June sebum on your face. You are continuously checking up on your cell-phone, or on your lover in other words. Then being a desperate thing that you are, you call him two more times but he is still fast asleep. So you decide to wait for him and open up your laptop, watch useless things to kill the time, and at around 12:00 pm, your mother calls you for some house chores. You return back after almost 15 minutes and find him awake. Overloading with the joy you read his two texts, well one-word texts to your uncountable messages expressing your love for him and telling him how much you were missing him while he was asleep. This disturbs you a little, yet you reply to him with the same energy and content as ever. 

You ask him if he wants to talk to you but he doesn’t reply and after two minutes of awkward wait, he asks you to go and study. You ask him whatever is the matter but he gives a reply that reflects irritation and lack of concern so you turn off your mobile phone’s screen to avoid any further argument. Low-key your heart knows that he will call you in any second now, however, the call is never made from the other side, so you turn on the screen, open up the chat, and see that your beloved is gone. Angry and disappointed, you call him yourself but to your joy, his phone is also turned off. Now you are sitting in extreme sadness, thinking could mornings get any better than this? This is where regret steps in. Now here is the trickiest part where you can either beat the doubt and come out of the unnecessary trouble that we are in a habit of creating in our minds or become a victim to this plague. 95% of the troubles in our life are a result of doubts and the fact that we don’t try to clear things out.

However, I find it very distressing when someone is waiting desperately for you to wake up in the morning so he could love you, and tell that you mean the world to him. How he smiles to himself while waiting for you, thinking how blessed he is to have you in his life, excited to talk to you, hear your voice, and laugh on the small things with you. However, when you wake up, his world is turned upside down because of your least concerned, non-considerate, and ignoring attitude; sufficient enough to ruin their day entirely, a day that is made by your smile and wraps up around your love and presence. The dozens of his messages being replied by one-word texts of yours can literally tear his heart into pieces and trust me this damage could be extremely toxic for the foundations of any relationship.

It goes both ways, you expect things from other people but in return, you also have to make compromises. Sometimes we give up the things we have treasured so much just for the happiness of our loved ones. Try not to mention each others’ flaws every time, and if you feel that something is wrong, unpleasant or not as you both have planned in the first place, if your mood is upset or you feel like doing something or not doing anything, just spit it out because spitting is better than choking to death. Try to make healthy conversations and laugh as much as you could. Avoid mentioning anything from the past that could hurt somebody’s feelings and live your present as beautifully and wholly as you could. Also, if you find that the relationship is not working at any cost, leave gracefully because its okay to have differences, it’s okay if two people fail to understand or manage each other’s feelings, beliefs, and emotions. Life is too short to hide things from the one you love the most. Keep your love life as simple, your expectations minimalistic and efforts as majestic as you can.

“We all fall in love, and love is beautiful, yet everything that is beautiful, nurtures in the cocoon of trickery.”