One Way Or Another, We Have To Deal With Our Problems, Ourselves.

Life could get really dark sometimes. You want to cry, but choke on your own sobs. You want to pour your heart out in front of someone, yet you are not sure who is the right person. Siblings, family, parents and friends, all seem to be those obnoxious dreams which were once beautiful, yet are over before you even realize that they weren’t real. No matter how devastated you might feel in such hours of agony and destitute, always remember that such turning points are not the tragic endings of your story.

Your life is supposed to be the beautiful plot which shall be written by you, yourself. No matter how aching your swollen eyes might get after crying for a long time, without anybody noticing, you shall keep your spirits high. Easy to say, while immensely painful to experience, I know that no advice could make you feel better, no arms could provide you the warmth and no medicine can heal your headache, yet we are bound to move. We shall move on and this is the bitter reality of life. No matter how many hours straight it rains cats and dogs on your pillow at night, you have to wear the perfect rainbow vibe on your face to adjust in this society, without being judged by the people to be a crybaby, or worst an attention seeker.

You are strong and nothing could ever go horribly wrong in ones life. What might seem to be a chainsaw, could just be the chain of a broken bicycle. 😀 Prepare yourself for the toughest journeys as life is never going to get slow and easy for any of us. We have to run faster with time or else it has a tendency to crush us just like a train never spares a thing in its way. You have to be strong! You must not give up!

One way or another, we have to deal with our problems ourselves. Nobody is going to clean your spilt milk. You were the one who caused the mess, so you should take the responsibility and at-least try to mend the broken pieces. I know life could be brutally harsh at times, but complaining can never make it bearable, in fact ranting without working for the solution can lead us on the verge of breakdown. Such situations can get worse, you might even get suicidal or want to jump off a cliff, but who cares? It would be you, your corpse lying in the darkest pits of the wild, animals shredding your flesh apart. Does it make any difference? Why then? Even if we are falling apart from the inside, let it be, we can’t control our emotions sometimes. We can’t calm our nerves all the time, yet we can smile and pretend that everything is alright until death embraces us and we depart to an eternal home of solace. Sometimes nothing can make any difference, no word of love and care could help in making you feel any better, instead you start feeling pathetic with those kind words of concern. Human minds are very complex and sometimes we can completely fail in understanding our own attitudes, our own behaviors.

At times in our life, nothing makes sense yet we do some things out of curiosity, and well, bad luck, I must say.

No matter whatever happens, just believe in yourself and face the challenges of life like the cosmic creation you are! You are the supreme creation of this universe and are capable of achieving any end that could possibly exist and beyond that. Give yourself a moment of relaxation, let it rain on your pillow or hug a genuine friend/family member, who actually cares and values your tears, let your heart and lungs scream in a rhythm and then let yourself flow because sometimes, there’s beauty in the breakdown.

13 thoughts on “One Way Or Another, We Have To Deal With Our Problems, Ourselves.

  1. That was such a relatable post, at times I feel that way and I am unable to comprehend why life is messing with me.
    “There’s beauty in the breakdown.”
    This last part is so beautiful, it really lifts the spirits of broken souls.

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    1. Thankyou so much, Khadeeja! ❤️ Well that means I have achieved my goal of uplifting the broken spirits. I am glad as I try my best to reflect what I have learned from my experiences so that some ignorant soul could be saved in time 🙂

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  2. Totally agree with you.. We couldn’t ran away from the problems.. It’s the same situation like pain, it’s only bearable by that person who affected by something/someone.. Others can provide you sympathy but the pain, you have to bear…😄 Good share

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    1. Hahahahah seems like you have a grip on the topic! Thankyou so so much for sharing your golden thoughts with me 🙂 I hope life treats you well, but even if it doesn’t, trust me I believe you to be an extraordinary human being with a ray of positivity for others. Keep up with the happy vibes ✨


  3. hello, new friend! what can i say? as forest gump so aptly said: “life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you’re gonna get.” so just stay calm, stay sweet, stay positive. smile. the sun will surely come up tomorrow!

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    1. Hello, There! First of all I would warmly welcome you to my blog and thank you with all my heart for following. Your kindest words of comfort are themselves like a sweet chocolate! Forest gump is a lovely movie jbtw 🙂 It was lovely talking to you. Stay in touch and stay safe!

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  4. I can see few real & practical shots of life here in this post, Life is a beautiful journey wherein it teaches us lessons with handful serving of problems & makes us strong to bear the pain alone as we are the ones responsible for everything in our life.
    Take care & keep writing!😇

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    1. Indeed! I totally agree with you 🙂 Thankyou so much for sharing your views and taking out the time to write to me. Your comments are really what I look forward to. 🙂


  5. This post is so beautiful and realistic❤️Problems and pain are all part of life.. Dealing with them should not be a regret or a setback, it should be a lesson. I absolutely adore your work:) Remember me? Lol. I’m back with my posts, give them a read if you can.

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    1. Hello!
      Oh well beautiful things and beautiful souls can never be forgotten 🙂 How are you? I am really happy that you are back. Sure, why not I would love to read your outstanding work ❤ Thank you so much for reaching out and staying connected Rageshree ❤ Much love!

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      1. Beautiful soul may be an overstatement but thanks for this comment😊❤️I love your write-ups and your positive personality so much so that I decided to connect… I hope you are safe and happy:)

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