Something in the Rain.

What could be merrier than waking up to the trickling sounds of raindrops?

One year ago, I watched a Korean Drama titled “Something in the Rain.” which I initially watched because of Jung Hae In, however, as the drama proceeded, I was like who Jung Hae In? I got so lost into the magnificently written storyline of the drama. The drama encompassed the story of a teenager who used to love one and only the best friend of his elder sister. Now the twist was that Juliet in this story, of course, was also older than Romeo. Their romance was full of ecstatic emotions and feelings which rendered me speechless to an extent that I can still watch that drama again and again. You must be wondering why am I suddenly being nostalgic over a drama. Well, I don’t know, but rain always reminds me of that particular drama for a reason unknown to me. I believe that rain plays a very significant role in love stories, be it the commencement of a perfect love story, the first magical kiss of two lovers amid the rain or the confession of love for each other while walking in the rain, hands in each others’ hands, or out of the blues, bidding each other the bitter last goodbye on one rainy morning.

She entered the campus wearing her favorite hot pink sheath dress that wrapped her body perfectly, like a fancy Christmas present ready to be delivered. He was standing in the hallway, as usual, and turned back with that perfect, innocent smile that he used to give her every morning. A rigid rock as she might appear to be, her heart used to melt like a tealight candle on the verge of volatility, pouring from head to heels, drop by drop. Around 3:00 pm it started pouring with all force. Stepping out of the cafe, they were going back to their classes but suddenly she asked him to just take a mini stroll before they head back home. He nodded and they started walking towards the busiest area of the campus. He was already holding her hand but after a while, his grip changed a bit as he slowed down and said, “You are my life.” What? she replied as if she didn’t hear anything, however, she did, of course. The girl who could hear him from rooms apart, how could she possibly not know whatever he said in that very moment.

“Stop!” she commanded, as bossy as she has ever been. “Stand still right here, and say it again!” Although he looked confused, yet smiled as charmingly as ever. “I mean this moment shall be dealt very seriously, such moments shall be made special and, of course, romantic.” she tried to give a justification of her strange behavior. “You are my life, and I hope to hear the same thing from your side very soon.” She definitely was on cloud nine, however, she replied in that hard-to-get kind of tone: “Okay, I will, but when it would rain next time. I promise I would stand in the very same place, holding your hand, with rain pouring on us just like today, and only then you would get to hear these historical lines by me.” Looking down, he smiled again and they started walking back towards their classes.


They have this very unique but strong charisma. They turn the heads wherever they go together. They are like the two perfect picture frames with conjoining links that make it compulsory for them to be displayed together, otherwise, either of them would become meaningless. “Soulmates,” as they claim themselves to be, I am sure they are much more than that. Their love expands beyond the limits of the horizon, where the sea meets the sky, and elevates above the sky, encompassing the orbits of the celestial bodies floating in the universe.


The next day, she wore an alluring blue frock and regretted as she stepped out to see that it was still raining. She thought that it was fine as she would be staying indoors and thus her new frock would be saved from destruction. At the end of the day, as they were standing in the shade, watching the rain trickle down, making ripples in the voids among the tiles of the floor, she held his hand tightly and asked him to go for a walk with her. The girl who was always careful as in not to get her clothes and shoes wet was now all out and about for this stranger which shows that her heart has never been this happier ever before. When they reached that same place, where he poured his heart in front of her, she screamed to stop by putting her hands upon his shoulders. Hopping right in front of him, she sandwiched his hands between both her hands and said, “You are my life, see all the odds were in your favor and thus it started raining today as well. Are you happy now?” He nodded in agreement and a beautiful smile on his lips that made her heart as light as the clouds in the sky above them. She looked down at his shoes which were then completely drenched in water, she smiled to herself as if to say: “The stupid things we do in love are the most precious ones. Love is always spontaneous and never planned. Sudden moments of love and compassion are profoundly magical. Love is selfless and makes us do things that we won’t ever even do for our own selves.”  This was a walk to remember for them, as well as the start of a perfect love story.


There have been many rainy days since then in their love story, all of them being equally memorable and precious. One evening as the sky became dark with heavy clouds and winds started to roar, they both stood on the terrace side by side. She turned on her camera to take a picture of that perfect winter-ish sky. She still remembers how all of a sudden, he subtly kissed her cheek. She remembers several rainy days where he didn’t leave her hand for a second to avoid her slipping off on the dampened ground. How they drank soup by availing a flat 50% discount offer on her favorite restaurant and munching on her favorite chop-suey which she initially thought of as uncooked noodles. How he suddenly stood up from the bench and went out in the rain when she was on the call, just to make her mad, but didn’t let her go in the rain by tickling her back on to the bench.


They made adorable memories, like staring at the robot camera and wondering how it rotates and why does the pole move with the rotation, also naming their happy meal toys as they hug each other, playing with the snail as she commanded him to touch one of the snail’s eyes, but he, being too kind, refused to do so, she, coming back to kiss him the final goodbye as her reputation of “being a good kisser” was at stake. Sudden plans of going out on strolls and grabbing something to eat, watching a movie, buying things together, or destroying the furniture and crockery of the restaurants, each and every moment was magical in her life and she could never forget how important he was and is to her, by all means. Words can never suffice to express their ocean of infinite love and memories.

They say life is a bumpy road, but love is a total roller coaster ride, full of turns and twists, I add. The moment you feel like everything is finally smooth, something challenging joins the chat. In love, there are these moments of extreme joy and happiness that will make you feel like the luckiest human to ever exist, however, there would also be some overwhelming nights where your stomach would feel heavy and your sobs would choke you on your own tears.

On a beautiful rainy afternoon, when their smoldering hearts were bubbling with immense love, they had their first magical kiss under the blue sky, which was still pouring the liquor of joy and ecstasy as a toast to the celebration of love. He held her in his strong embrace, making her feel protected, and guarded by every evil who had taken birth in her life. She felt him, and every inch of him, which made her all his’. As their hearts continued to beat in a rhythm, she vowed to herself: “Till death do us part, I would stay in thy protection, I would always seek your light in the times of darkness, and in your embrace, shall I always find solace. I submit myself to you today, my body and soul, and I shall always love and cherish you till my last breath.” She did not move and stayed still, for she did not want to part with him ever again, she wanted to be a whole, a piece of perfection, a majestic composition with him. He is to her like the notes to the symphony, like the paints to a blank canvas, and as the sun to the sky. He is to her, a divine gift of God; A remarkable creation, and the epitome of perfection. She is absolutely in love with him.


The rain has proved to be a perfect backdrop, in the setting of their love story, an ancient relic on the front wall of their dream house, that is capable of invoking all the wholesome emotions and feelings like happiness, pleasure, tranquility, and ecstasy, however, rain can also make us feel melancholic and overwhelmed at times. Rain could bring joy when the foundations are strong, however, if the foundations have already weakened, the rain can bring immense damage.

It was an unusually cold summer morning when she woke up to the sound of merry trickles of rain. Right before her alarm started buzzing, she got a phone call from him. After an exchange of confusing and melancholic arguments, they decided not to talk again, for the sake of each other. As she bid him a heavy farewell, her heart ached a little, I think it was that vow of neverending love, that was shedding the tears of sorrow. After the phone call got disconnected, she sat on her bed for a while, lost in nostalgia. It was difficult for her to comprehend whatever had happened. 

“You have no idea how important timing is in a relationship.”

—Yoon Jin Ah, Something in the Rain.

“Sometimes, things need time, people need time, time to reflect upon the loop-holes, and learn from their mistakes so that when they finally get back together, they could love each other with more compassion and devotion and open heart than ever,” she thought. “Nonetheless, I shall keep on loving you my love, for my heart, has sworn upon a vow, a vow made from heart to heart. I will wait for you to come back to me like you used to do,” she murmured silently. Her heart kept shedding tears in solitude, as the rain continued to drizzle down her window, whispering the words of solace to her heart.

Whenever it would rain, she will think of him, its like rain is their symbol of love.


Love is a strictly qualitative experience, it can increase quantitatively over time, but the quality takes time to improve. However, sometimes a person steps into your life at the right time, giving you the lifetime experience. This encounter becomes unforgettable and you lose yourself solely and completely in his thoughts. This is the person who will respect you, cherish you, sacrifice his own beliefs, his own ideologies, and attitudes for you. He won’t hesitate and make you a priority over everything and anything. The one who will be possessive about you but not to a toxic extent. He will make you feel like the perfect being of God and the ultimate shape of perfection. He will avoid everything and anything that could make you feel bad or bring your self-esteem down in any way. Although the definition of love, perfection, and criteria of judgment varies from person to person, however, if you ever find such a person (either he or she), remember that he could be the one! Don’t lose him.


5 thoughts on “Something in the Rain.

  1. Hey Princess! Amazing wordcraft & love the story with beautiful hands on art of storytelling. Love & rain are inseprable from each other, the perfect backdrop of weaving romantics.
    Keep writing! Stay safe & take care😇💐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have a good knowledge of literature and that’s really impressive especially when you are talking to a person of this field. Thankyou so much, your knowledge is as vivacious as your words. You surely are an all-rounder, I believe. Keep up with this enthusiasm and positivity. Best wishes from me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What would I say..welcome & humbled, receiving these encouraging words from litrature grad is compliment itself however i am still in learning process.
        Thanks & positive vibes to you.😇

        Liked by 1 person

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