Being a Blogger can be Toilsome Sometimes.

Being a blogger could be a devious job sometimes. There might be days where you won’t even get a second to make it to your typewriter (laptop in the modern terms), because either you are too sleepy or have so much else going on in life that keeps you occupied, and then, those days where there would be so much going on in your mind that you won’t be able to sleep a wink before dribbling your anticipation on the writing area of your blog. Being a blogger is one thing, being a dedicated blogger, another. There are a lot of meticulous writers out there who create delightful content every morning.


They seem to me like those perfect artists who set up their typewriter on the kitchen table every morning, with a kettle full of bubbling tea on the stove. The sound of clinking silver utensils in the kitchen, along with the pulsating dark and light shadows of the ivy tree as the sunlight plays hide and seek with its leaves create spell-bound environs for a perfect composition. After pouring a generous amount of tea in a mug of their favorite majestic tea set, accompanied by crispy, golden hashbrowns, they settle comfortably in the chair and start typing while sipping and munching on their divine breakfast. Ps: Breakfast can vary from person to person depending upon what appeals to them the most. For instance, talking about myself, I would definitely prefer a greasy potato waffle oozing with cheddar cheese, along with a mason jar full of whipped cream over the cold coffee.


I have always imagined myself to be such a writer, however, being a student and that too in this catastrophic phase of the 21st Century, the ideas of being such a writer and managing my workload efficiently don’t get along really well. I am insane, sleep-deprived, deadline-bound, and extremely irritated by the messed up schedule due to never-ending online classes. However, it doesn’t matter what we have idealized and fantasized about our lives, in fact, what matters the most is either we are living our life to its fullest or not? Are we getting the best out of it, learning new things, and encountering adventures unknown to our mind and body before or not?


What if I can’t update my feed by posting new content every day? I get to sleep more hours than the average people, which is facilitating my dark circles, bound to cook and bake during the quarantine even if I don’t want to sometimes, enhance my baking expertise while meeting up with the bulk of deadlines everyday revamp my writing prowess. It is up to us how we look at the things around us, it is our perception of looking at the things that immensely shape up our life as either positive or vice versa. When we look at our dreams and future plans that have not come true yet or were skipped/missed somehow, we denote these voids either in the sense of “deprivation,” or in the sense of “opportunity to learn and experience something else, something new, maybe better.” 


Most of us tend to set goals and make an elevated checklist of magnificent ambitions. It’s great to have goals, to plan one step ahead, and to dream big. However, dwelling so much into those ambitions that they start ruling your emotions and mental stability is toxic. Aim for a better tomorrow but try to make the best out of today. Make sure that your tomorrow is conjoined and linked with your present somehow because only then your life can transition smoothly from one phase to another, slowly and gradually. Aiming for the stars when you have just gotten out of the bed doesn’t make sense, does it? Obviously not! For that, you have to get up, knead your sparkling eyes that have just woken up from a peaceful stroll in the dreamland’s serene prairies, and prepare them to witness the same, dull reality of life. We shall take one step at a time to reach our final destination.


Feeling lazy? Sleep. An overdose of energy is boosting up your morale? Do whatever you feel like investing your energies in. Do your homework, prepare for the quiz, complete your pending assignments, take a stroll in the evening, bake your favorite cake, relish on hearty dinner with your family, laugh your lungs out, do gardening, water your mini cactus, earn money, freelance, or simply make yourself a refreshing cup of coffee as a sweet treat because you deserve all the self-care, inner peace, and self-love in this world. Moreover, trust me it is not considered as the selfishness by any means. It is a physical and emotional need of every human but sadly, most of us don’t realize the rights of our body and mind. Amid the buzz of keeping everyone around us happy, meeting the deadlines, writing for others, making somebody’s day, texting to check up on others, cooking and baking to share the love and strengthen the family bonds, the infringement of these major rights lead us to inner dissatisfaction, which grows stronger and overwhelming with time, without us realizing the reason behind this distress. Do whatever makes you happy and that is the only secret ingredient that will make your cauldron of happiness bubble and bubble.