Life: A Carousel of Old and New

While scrolling the picture carousel on my cell-phone, I re-lived each and every moment of my life so far. Desperately and passionately we tend to make memories because they say that memories never die. They don’t, I agree, but why didn’t anybody tell us that the memories sure do live, however, the people we make memories with, would all leave. Not all, I would like to add, some stays.


I still remember how I struggled so hard to convince my dad for purchasing a vintage polaroid camera. “We liberate our life by capturing the moments in it,” I exclaimed enthrallingly to him. However, I was too innocent to understand the weird, mean smirk on his face at that time which low-key offended me and I confess calling my dad a boring sloth who doesn’t get excited that easily as me. Some lessons are learned throughout our lives, slowly and gradually, whereas, some lessons are hard-learned and they are the ones that tend to hurt the most. 


Scrolling down the pictures, as we say in sciences, I only found some constant variables as my Family and some friends, while the rest of the variables kept on changing with time, age, and distances. The pictures of our secondary school graduation were full of colors and uniform artistry that said very main-stream things like “Forget me not,” “You will always be my best friend” and the funniest expression in this world, “I would never be able to forget you.” Looking at the pictures of postcards and signed uniforms full of such humorous slogans made me feel awfully mesmerized as well as low-key wicked when I realized that none of those “best friends forever” are anywhere to be seen now. None of them contact me, and neither do I. There have been strange incidents where my best friend crossed me and didn’t even bother to say hello to me because she was with her new fam-jam and best friends forever, while I was with mine. 

They say that if one is out of sight, consider him out of the mind too. I would religiously preach this notion because distance tends to change everything; how we feel about each other, how much do we care, how much time we give to one another and the list is long. We even forget the faces of each other in no time and if someday, and that too by chance, we see each other in our dreams, for the rest of that day we can’t believe that we actually remembered the face of our best friend from grade 5 who ate, slept, studied for 7 hours daily, played, did homework, quarreled, went to the cafeteria, and even bathroom with us for whole 5 years. Insane, right?


This is how we humans have been programmed. We might call it cruel but believe me it is the best feature available in the market so far. If our mind chips did not have this inbuilt feature of forgetfulness, trust me most of us would have been living in dire misery. We forget so that we could move on. We forget so that we could start fresh, bring the change that we couldn’t yesterday in our devastated lives. A day could be spell-boundingly ecstatic and you might never want to forget even a single moment spent in it, however, another day could be a real-life “living on the edge’ kind of experience and you don’t even like to remember a single second of it. Joy can be found even in the dirtiest corners of a broken house. However, misery is something that can leave ever-lasting imprints on your mind that can only be wiped off with the soothing touch of new, happy memories. So just liberate your mind, and let go of all the happy and the sad moments in your life because the moments that were actually happy can always be felt close to your heart, and the moments that deprived you of happiness, they are not worth remembering at all except the lessons that they taught you.

Life is a spinning carousel of the old and the new. Now I understand the smirk on my father’s face and are well-aware of why he didn’t get excited that easily upon meeting new people and exploring new things, it’s because he had more people out of his life than were in his life at that point. It’s because his carousel had spun longer than mine.

23 thoughts on “Life: A Carousel of Old and New

  1. There are at least images of those unforgettable moments to recreate when we want to dispel sadness. We always look for a reason to sketch a smile in the midst of uncertainty and loneliness.
    Hope must still be in us. I hope you are well
    Manuel (Chile)

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      1. There is nothing better than finding well-crafted readings like those on your blog. I enjoy reading you.
        Over here in Chile, we are still in quarantine. I am fine as well as the family. To have health you have to follow the recommendations. That’s what we do.
        A hug

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  2. Good people gives you memories to cherish and bad ones provides lessons to learn..n sadly to say
    Life is more about learning lessons than memories to cherish..
    You can relate to this.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

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  3. I guess life is such; we keep moving out of our states, temporary in fact, but which felt at their point of occurrence as permanent.

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    1. Thank you so much, your words mean a lot to me! πŸ™‚

      Oh, polaroid cameras are an aesthetic blessing for bloggers and artists. I wish you’d be able to buy it asap. ✨


  4. I love the metaphor of carousel that you used. I just woke up this morning and upon reading your article, your idea triggered in me some memories. Now at least I have some sort of explanation about its nature. Thanks.

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    1. Hello there!
      Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and also taking out some minutes from your valuable time to write me this kindest comment. Your words of appreciation mean a lot to me and I am so glad that I was able to help a curious soul πŸ™‚


  5. Hey Princess! Hope you are keeping well & safe.
    I love this post & indeed images are the glimpse of the beautiful moments that always leaves us with smile. I have written something on similar notion few years backπŸ˜‹

    “I reside away from my own dusk now a days
    learnt to live robotic life anyways
    until i flipped through the old adorable days
    days of childhood,college & days with you…my never be soulmate
    photographs made me dwell deep down into sweet memory lane,
    No matter how deep seated differences came across
    It becomes the reason of sorrow & laughs.”

    Love & lights to your way!πŸ˜‡
    Keep writing!πŸ“

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    1. Hello, Prashantt!
      As usual, seeing your comment make my day brighter and merrier than ever. I will come to this marvelous piece written by you at the end as it deserves a special appreciation. However, I appreciate how you always come up with such positivity and appreciating words that hold the power to totally change smebody’s mood, in a good way ofcourse. Even if my day is not going that well, your encouragement keeps me going πŸ™‚
      Okay now coming to your golden work, It is aaah-mazing! Also, I must say that you are a meticulous writer who knows exactly what he is writing and how to play with the words. This poem is very subtle in diction, yet very rich in emotions.
      You too keep writing more for us.
      Best. πŸ™‚


      1. This is so sweet Princess, your choice of topics, content, engaging writing and the connect with fellow bloggers is unmathable and i am still learning these beautiful traits from you.
        Forget to wish..Ramadan Mubarak!
        Keep smiling!πŸ˜‡

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