Goodness nurtures the evil.

Did you ever notice that we tend to observe ‘the good’ before we indulge in ‘the bad’? Does it mean that human nature, primarily, is innocent?

Perfection is always what we humans look for within others at first glance. Innately, we are more inclined towards noticing good things in people due to which, we tend to make friends first and enemies are always formed later, with time and experience. So the concept of good and bad could also be discussed in this perspective that good is always there, yet bad or evil is the human derivative. Hence, good and evil might stay side by side in our lives, but evil is always the outcome of goodness. Conflicts and doubts do arise in love, but for that presence of love is required in the first place. 

Good things are easy to notice but are found after a lot of struggle and a hard climb up the mountain. Bad things, doubt, and darkness, on the other hand, are like the deepest pits; once you slip off the edge, it won’t be easy to stop yourself from falling down.

Doubt could be good and productive but it depends upon what it reaps in the end. For instance, if you doubt that your beloved is not happy with you, you will try to figure out the reasons and try to avoid them in the future. Thus, this kind of doubt will aid you in finding the key to the perfect and better relationship, hence it would be a doubt well done. However, if you doubt the loyalty of your lover, this kind of doubt will push you to uncover and shovel out all the bad things that were there in the past, and even if your lover comes out clean, by that time you would have already revealed a lot of dark, bad things, that were not known to you before. (as we all have secrets, don’t we?) Such doubt will merely reap the tarnished charm, disbelief, and low-esteem of your lover than you initially had in your mind.

Bad nurtures in the womb of goodness and ultimately, day by day and month by month, good things turn into bad things where, in the end, either just a few fainting sparks of goodness, that reminds us of once-upon-a-time existence of goodness, are left or else the darkness completely dominates, ceasing the light once and for all, like the black hole where no soft-corner and no tolerance is left for the other person, whatsoever. Now you have to decide which kind of doubts are you allowing into your heart and mind and which kind to shoo-away before they contaminate the goodness that prevails inside your soul. 

16 thoughts on “Goodness nurtures the evil.

    1. Your words are always as sweet as you are-thank you dear! you have always been in my mind and i always read your posts and commenting too.You seemed
      to be busy.I am glad to see your response.Yes things are fine.How about at your end? How are you?
      Have a nice time and stay safe!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much, Ravi 🙂 I am fine and pray that we all might stay safe during this hour of difficulty. Yes exactly, you are always there for me and it means a lot 🙂


      2. Cool.Do good, think good,eat good, drink good,say good, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand
        Zarbhakt will only have good things in life.
        Stay strong,Keep smiling-u are so cute!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you are so right! Some people tend to twist the negativity out of the very neutral situations. We must be aware of them but never stop shining ourselves. I am glad that we are not one of them and wish that they might also get peace as most of them are deprived of it. 😊 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 🌸


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