Quick Ideas for boosting up the worth of your Final Project-In the context of English History and Literature.

A detailed project of Historical Eras of English Literature:

Once upon a time in a faraway land, the horizon blurred out with invasions and dismay lingered in the streets. In this era, known as Dark Age, Anglo-Saxons emerged as immigrants who took over Britain and from seafarer wanderers and looters, they became civilized peasants and agriculturalists. This is Britain and the story starts here. When it comes to English literature and history, we have many eras from the age of bloodshed and antiquity, shiny armours and dark knights also known as the age of Anglo-Saxons, to the rational age of Alexander Pope, where the classical school of thoughts dominated over imagination and openmindedness till the revival of Ballads, love for Nature and gothic literature also known as the contemporary age of Romanticism. For the final project of History of English Literature, I divided equal work in my group members and we started off with a never-ending fatigue for whole 2 weeks. Finally, after many clashes and disagreements, I succeeded not only in the completion of our project on time but to give a detailed but brief timeline of all the eras starting from Anglo-Saxons to Romantics. And also, to my surprise, we scored highest in our class. I am here to share some creative tips for a Final project of Literature and hope that it might help you in getting maximum ideas. To make a perfect project, consider the following tips in mind:


1. Timelines:

Using cardboards and chart papers, make different timelines like the timeline of kings, inventions and poets showing the evolution of literature or invention of any literary device with time and people, culture and invasions.


Timeline of Shelley’s Literature and works


Timeline of Kings


2. Create your media wall:

Media wall is the wall behind your display table. This wall contains all the display material including culture, religion, eatables, literary devices, wall hangings showing poets and writers of an era and whatever stuff you feel like exhibiting.


Media wall behind the exhibition desk



Media wall



Gothic media wall


Media wall behind the panaflex holder


Exhibition Desk Decor:

Whichever exhibition are you going to conduct, just keep in mind to decorate your stall with the maximum amount of relatable things to your topic and other accessories regarding that age and culture of that time. For Example, we made different antiques like crowns, shiny armours, swords, and a knight’s bowl helmet to show culture and society of Anglo-Saxons age. We also displayed Christian cross, and Bible to show religion and I also made the book of chivalry and courtly love for displaying literature and beliefs of that time. We also lighted up a hanging lantern to show old times and to give a perfect medieval hint to our exhibition desk. Make props regarding your topic and just sparkle up your table with them 🙂


Lantern and random pottery



Book of courtly love


Bible and Christian Cross


Kings crown


Sword and magic wand


Revival of Nature


Age of Wordsworth floral cutlery props


Make as many Models and Visuals as you can!

Visuals speak louder than work! Always keep this trick in mind that visuals can win your audience by giving them knowledge as well as entertainment especially when it comes to exhibitions and projects. Make a selfie booth and provide people with your own props. Trust me, not only the visitors, but our opponent exhibitors also visited our stall and demanded the props for taking pictures. This divert visitors attention towards your work station. A model is an all-rounder; you can display everything on one styrofoam sheet.


model of medieval age


representation of feudalism


castle of King


Village life




Romeo and Juliet from age of Shakespeare


Showcase of Age of Pope


Golden age of Theatre and drama


Characterizing Group Members by Dress-up Game:

Whatever your topic of exhibition or project might be, derive characters; either real or imaginary related to the events and discoveries of your topic. For example, I gave characters of different princesses, Kings and writers like Geoffrey Chaucer to my group members from medieval age empire. Roles and characters must be provided as per ease and beliefs of your group members.


Queen Eleanor, Chivalry and courtly love.


Other Queens and Nuns covered in gown of sanctity.


I hope you guys would find it helpful. This is just the basic idea of how to make your projects more creative and appealing. Since my field is English linguistics and literature so I quoted text and images as per that context but this is not only confined to English literature but other subjects and fields as well like Engineering and Biology students, Finance and Business management students, Chemistry and Psychology students and who not. In case of any help, ideas, suggestions and queries you can contact me here: kyxy220@gmail.com.

Happy projecting sugarcakes! ❤