I was sitting on the corner table of a cafe playing with my car keys randomly while waiting for my coffee to cool down by some degrees. Big and glossy glass windows were all opaque; covered with mist due to the temperature difference of outside and inside. I saw a lady in red chic gown with a pastel grey hat and a glinting necklace of rhinestones on her beautifully tatooed neck. The cafe manager came running for her hospitality but she, in return just moved her finger in an awkward fashion and the other moment, a cigar was delivered to her table with an ash tray and american espresso. With every sip of cigar, she inhaled sheer luxury and class. I was so obsessed with her ocean deep eyes and florid cheek bones. She took out a vintage radio, placed it on the table and turned it on. I caught myself staring at her for no reason so I looked away. I heard a retro song playing on the radio. To my surprise, all of a sudden the lady broke into tears and started smashing everything on the table shouting, “I had no choice baby. Just don’t go!” A lady, probably her caretaker, came running with an injection and after a difficult dose, she fell on the couch; unconscious. I paid the bill and quickly rushed out of the cafe. On the way back I cried my lungs out because I have faced similar situations in my life where you have to make certain decisions even if you are fully aware that this decision of yours is going to hurt yourself the most but you are left with no more choices and chances. Life is all about compromise and sometimes that compromise leaves a stabbed knife in your heart which hurt you every time you think about it. If you don’t make such decisions, you’re gonna die, and if you do, you still die. So why hurt yourself if you’re gonna die in both cases? Your loved ones! Damn your loved ones are the reason behind your sacrifices and agonies and confusions. You try to take care of them but ends up complicating the situations. What lingers around you is nostalgia; Beautiful mornings, heavenly sunsets, frozen dew drops and magical evenings which you cherished once. What keeps you going is the beauty of those moments that could never fade away. Do not let your fears overcome this joy. Whats gone is long forgotten by the time. Time is mechanized to move forward only and it never care nor does it love. It is selfish and free of all the emotions. Its immortal and the bruises it gives never fade away but the intensity of pain and torture decreases because we become immune to such situations. Life always teaches you the lesson when you’ve already lost everything. Survive and keep going. Drag and lead yourself to the timeless-time and face its cruelty because we all, in one way or another are doing the same. Sooner or later, this burden falls on shoulder of every existing being. Think! You’re no different. If everybody do so, why cant I make it to the end? Survive!

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