Embrace the warmth of your heart rather than unleashing your vibrant skin. Own your heart rather than owing to skin-tight jeans because in the end pretty always hurts.


She pushed up her pullover bra, shaved her legs in a haste which gave her several bruise and cuts. Smearing a bulk of foundation and sunscreen to hide the discoloration she had in her never-ending gorgeous legs. Opening up the dresser with a medley of lipsticks and a never ending line up of umpteen cosmetics, she contoured her cheekbones, nose and the bust curves. Perfectly detailed and up to the mark, she left her house leaving a trail of Versace fragrances behind her.

Her luxury Bentley driver was unable to look away her bloodshot lips and her perfect shape which was looking vulnerable and stimulating in the very precise dress which was perhaps, intended to make others even more nosy about the ground works. The huge stone on her finger made her appear out class and the finest woman ever existing. Getting off the car, she headed towards the finest residence in such a tempting manner that made the driver stare at her inviting thighs until she disappeared; completely seduced. “She would have done a lot much effort to become this heavenly figure”, he thought.

She, being completely drunk, was settled in the back seat of her car, with the help of that handsome guy she visited this evening and her driver. On the way back home her driver fornicated her and fulfilled his lust and seduction. It was 2 in the noon when she woke up tired and broken. All she could feel is the pain of shoe bite, razor cuts on her legs and forelimbs, overloaded makeup which made her eyes sting now.

Yes I do, yes I do, yes I do! This was the most enchanting day of her life. The man she dreamed of having since forever, she is getting married to him. Oh I’ve got the most loving and alluring soul-mate one can ever have, is how she flaunts at the parties making every other girl jealous of her luxury and dream life. People stop and stare at them wherever she goes with her husband. Men get envious of her husband and the female glamorize her.

She is in her thirty-fives now. Enclosed, she is, in the cage of sorrows, regrets and woes. She is disposed and dumped in isolation. She can’t change it. This is it. Her husband is seeing someone else, someone more glamorous than her now. End of beauty devastate your life and the worth you made by putting a lifetime effort. She was worthy and was praised till the day she stood straight in her skin-tight jeans and walked perfectly in her sky scrapping pencil heels. She, left alone to parent her kids with one of the gorgeous caretaker, is no more than a garbage now, getting envious of that mercilessly enchanting caretaker day after another, she is waiting to die and sleep peacefully; eternally. Lets demolish this insight! Don’t go for people who worship your beauty and perfection as they will glide away with the wind currents, and never show up again. Look for them who admire your honesty and love your soul. You are beautiful as you were before. Don’t let beauty dictate your life. Perfection is a disease of the nations but never forget that pretty always hurts.


Is modern Fairy tale an ugly one?


You used to tell me that I am special to you and that our love is immortal. I used to caress your florid face and always assured you that I will stay by your side. It is rightly said that time changes people. I counted upon you forever and you did the same, but the time was flying behind the curtains. I adored you from the every inch of my marrow. In one twilight, when the shadows escalated, I left no stone unturned to find you. You were gone. Gone away. Kissing me the good-bye I didn’t deserve. I was amiss and had few bugs, but I never was a garbage. I have beaten the bushes just to put a grin on your face. You eschewed me intertwined amongst the middle of the painting, leaving my portrait incomplete, the portrait which never had an existence without you.
You loved my flaws and I brushed off your’s. We were the valentines every existing spirit had envied. You soothed me that you will always discount my weak spots and will unceasingly limelight my wholesomeness. Poof! Gone, You moved on. I would never be able to let you slip from my memory. You were wrong about perceiving me. I got you after an abandoned past. You were the first sprout and your faithfulness and homage was the vegetation to my infertile land. Your dedication was the sprinkle of water, that kept me going, up to this point. You believed in me when no one did. You loved me when everybody left. You raised me up til here and then you left. How could I stop loving you now? You should have told me a formula to forget you before leaving me.
You got me shattered in pieces by scraping away the wall of our zeal and burning down the residues of our amity. With bruised heart I am still trying to collect all the scraps which still hunts for your lust and the enchanting spell you had once cast upon me.
Breaking me down, thinking that I will hate you, when did you get that much mean? Knowing that it will only increase the amount of my affection for you. I was one soul who loved you, but now the fragments, which breached me apart, all of them worships you. I will try to evoke for you every night amidst my dreams and every day, when the sunshine’s shimmer will embrace me, I would know that you are here, right with me.
And here I lie in the coffin of our memories.. Restless; like a nocturnal bat is disturbed from the slumber land. Remembering your innocent attempts to hurt me and burn me inside and wondering how my heart still races upon your notion, I smiled and laughed a ghost of a laugh, until the last tear rolled down my cheek together with the death rattle, my lips murmured; “This love is now eternal”.
Yes, I quenched ruination but without the bloodshed of our fidelity.…

Take out some time to have a dialogue with your anxiety and insecurities before its too late.



Strangled intellect, misty eyes, tortuous days and gloomy nights are the most common complaints of every other person today. The cab driver, who drove me home last night was also a victim of this particular misery.
Rosanna, thirty-two years old, is a child specialist, who make a go of umpteen patients a day, is habituated to vodka tonic. She takes it thick and fast to elope the reality of life. “Hey whiffle-whaffle”; how Rosanna’s husband tease her occasionally.
Ariana, twenty-two years, is a baby sitter at a private school nursery. Despite a big rush of adorable and enjoyable little darlings in her vicinity, she somehow manage to blubber weakly and camouflage her sobs with chuckles and dainty shrieks of the infants around her.
Poor eighteen years old Dexter, who breathed his last in the blue light of the morning, was found dead, locked up in his room. His parents proclaimed that he was a lone wolf who suffered insomnia and was punctual at taking sleeping pills. When his room was further inspected, several paintings on his room’s wall portrayed blank ideas like an animals claw mark, a wolf’s shadow howling at the moon, ink stains, and tangled lines drawn randomly.
Sarah, twenty-eight years old super model and an extremely gorgeous girl. She is young, wild and free; what on this earth is that she can’t do? Her girlfriends envy her elegance and lifestyle remarking that she could be the wildest dream of every existing man. Against curling up with the most strikingly hot men all day long, she undergo wakeful nights and mournful dreams. Even sometimes she just turn on the shower and sit underneath to yowl and curse her life.
Taking a mouthful of my hot chocolate, I commended the refreshing zephyr which ruffled my hair. “How hefty is that mountain”, I wondered observing the robust mountain which was in sight from the balcony of my luxury island residence, and the colossal deep blue sea, extended silver sand of the sea-shore and the substantial sky.
I pondered what makes the mountain, the sea and the mighty sky standout and influential? How do they manage to remain flawless and secure? Even though, we, human beings , are the chief of all the living and non living creatures but still we are fragile, flaw full, sensitive, helpless, pessimist and insecure.
I was so indulged in this thought that the mug slipped off of my hands and broke into uncountable shards. Sod it! How could i get this much careless?. Hey! Its okay. You earn more than enough to buy multitudinous such mugs. You had worked day and night to get up to this point. No heartache about being a bummer. After all you deserve this luxury vacation to be really very lavish and alluring. Cheers gorgeous!! sighs. Yeah okay lets tidy up this expensive vinyl floor now. Instead of panicking and fussing around I just had an intrapersonal communication and consoled myself. Feeling relieved and contented I went to take the shower and relax myself in a warm bubbly bath.
Tucking myself into the cozy bed, I looked at the sky, inescapable from my window, which had shiny holes in it now. The sky which was vivid, blue and flawlessly bright in the morning is now full of lustrous scars and burning piercings making it flaw full but still managing to look divine.
Oh yeah, I shrieked. All the knots in my head were opening one by one. Talk to yourself, cherish your flaws because even the mightiest have bugs and weak spots. If the hulky mountain ever gashes and gets grounded into the small pebbles and stones, it can’t gather itself up again, not even in ages. But a human being can put it together. Just like the bulky gashed mountain, we also shatters into pieces, break down into tears, lose faith in ourselves and even sometime we turns out to be a completely different person but it doesn’t matter as long as we’re breathing. We are a human-being, full of defects and stains. What keeps you going is “will power”.
Yes I can do it, nobody can drag me down,Yeah, I’m not as pretty as she is, so what? every girl is different and beautiful in her own way, what if he leaves me? I’m not a show piece but a real flesh and I don’t need a person who don’t need me either, He/She left me because we weren’t compatible. I’ll find a better companion if it would be in luck. What if i didn’t get this job? At least it isn’t as disrespecting as getting fired later. Cheer up brainy you will kill it next time. What if people talk bad behind my back? None of them are gonna make me the unicorn cupcakes when I’ll be in my golden age.
Cure to the miseries of life such as hyper tension, depression, insecurity, lack of confidence, fear of rejection, weakness, fragility, sensitivity, stress and mourning is intrapersonal communication with a will power and a total control upon your strengths and weaknesses. Your flaws never ever makes you ugly or dejected, in fact they are a whole new perspective. An insight in which either you could know the true version of yours. Otherwise you will get to know the beautiful person you looks like in your flaw full and lonesome version. If not, at least you will assimilate how to get rid of your weaknesses and improve yourself because we never know the worth of the spring until the autumn fades everything away.
So if it happens ever again, just say to yourself; “Hey beautiful! We need to talk”.



I was sitting on the corner table of a cafe playing with my car keys randomly while waiting for my coffee to cool down by some degrees. Big and glossy glass windows were all opaque; covered with mist due to the temperature difference of outside and inside. I saw a lady in red chic gown with a pastel grey hat and a glinting necklace of rhinestones on her beautifully tatooed neck. The cafe manager came running for her hospitality but she, in return just moved her finger in an awkward fashion and the other moment, a cigar was delivered to her table with an ash tray and american espresso. With every sip of cigar, she inhaled sheer luxury and class. I was so obsessed with her ocean deep eyes and florid cheek bones. She took out a vintage radio, placed it on the table and turned it on. I caught myself staring at her for no reason so I looked away. I heard a retro song playing on the radio. To my surprise, all of a sudden the lady broke into tears and started smashing everything on the table shouting, “I had no choice baby. Just don’t go!” A lady, probably her caretaker, came running with an injection and after a difficult dose, she fell on the couch; unconscious. I paid the bill and quickly rushed out of the cafe. On the way back I cried my lungs out because I have faced similar situations in my life where you have to make certain decisions even if you are fully aware that this decision of yours is going to hurt yourself the most but you are left with no more choices and chances. Life is all about compromise and sometimes that compromise leaves a stabbed knife in your heart which hurt you every time you think about it. If you don’t make such decisions, you’re gonna die, and if you do, you still die. So why hurt yourself if you’re gonna die in both cases? Your loved ones! Damn your loved ones are the reason behind your sacrifices and agonies and confusions. You try to take care of them but ends up complicating the situations. What lingers around you is nostalgia; Beautiful mornings, heavenly sunsets, frozen dew drops and magical evenings which you cherished once. What keeps you going is the beauty of those moments that could never fade away. Do not let your fears overcome this joy. Whats gone is long forgotten by the time. Time is mechanized to move forward only and it never care nor does it love. It is selfish and free of all the emotions. Its immortal and the bruises it gives never fade away but the intensity of pain and torture decreases because we become immune to such situations. Life always teaches you the lesson when you’ve already lost everything. Survive and keep going. Drag and lead yourself to the timeless-time and face its cruelty because we all, in one way or another are doing the same. Sooner or later, this burden falls on shoulder of every existing being. Think! You’re no different. If everybody do so, why cant I make it to the end? Survive!